Bored by Brexit?

We feel your pain! Three and a half years of Brexit and we’re all sick to death of it. And, with an election coming, we need a solution – and fast!

Do you really want to be arguing about Brexit with your family, friends and work colleagues, for years and years? Wouldn’t you prefer that the time – and billions of pounds of OUR taxpayers’ money – that the government will have to continue wasting on Brexit for many years to come, were spent on really important things like the NHS, schools, social care, and housing instead?

The good news is YOU CAN MAKE IT STOP! On 12 December, when you go to vote, all you have to do is …


If Boris Johnson and the Tories win the election on 12 December, they’ll carry on down the same chaotic path. And Brexit will drag on for years and years. That’s years more division, years more chaos, years more embarrassment, and less money to invest in the NHS, schools, social care and housing.

If Boris Johnson and the Tories do not win, Brexit will be done and dusted within 6 months, because all the other parties are committed to a referendum, where we can Make It Stop.

Years and years of division and chaos and billions of pounds wasted? Or Make It Stop in 6 months? It’s pretty obvious when you think about it. We need to MAKE IT STOP in 6 months. And that means, to Make It Stop, we just need to prevent Johnson and the Tories from winning the election.

What you can do!

Vote Smart, Vote Tactically

Vote for the candidate most likely to beat the Tory in your seat.

Check out getvoting.org for voting recommendations in your area. As Election Day approaches make sure you double check again, just in case advice has changed with new data.

Get Social

Make your voice heard, ask questions and chat to like-minded people. And, most importantly, make sure you, your family and friends get everyone they can out to vote.

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Who are we?

The Make It Stop campaign is run by ordinary people, from across the UK, with a mix of political opinion, who believe politicians have made a mess of Brexit and everything that it stands for.

Quite simply, we’re fed up with Brexit, and don’t want to debate options after options, and versions after versions of Brexit, for years and years, to come. 

If you, like us, feel “Enough is enough!”, then join our campaign now and vote to Make It Stop. It’s the only way that we can get life back to normal, and start discussing the important things that are really affecting our country. Like the state of our health and education service. Our jobs and livelihoods. 

If you, your group or your organisation would like to help spread our campaign message, we’d love to hear from you! Please contact us using the form below.

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