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Why Make It Stop?

Millions of people are sick and tired of Brexit, and don’t want to debate options after options, and versions after versions of Brexit, for years and years, to come. We believe the ‘Get Brexit Done’ message is a delusion. Brexit will not get done. It will last many years through the transition period and trade negotiations. We could still be in this position ten years from now.

Stopping Brexit is the only way that we can get life back to normal, and start discussing the important things that are really affecting our country. Like the state of our health and education service. Our jobs and livelihoods.

What do we want people to do and when?

In the 2-week run-up to the general election on 12 December the priority is to get people to vote tactically. This will actually mean telling friends, family and followers who to vote for in their constituency. DON’T leave it up to them to find out for themselves. They won’t. So check the recommendation for your constituency on and tell everyone who will listen!

On 11 and 12 December, the priority is to remind everyone to get out and vote.

What can you do and when?

So, we must direct our attention at the 40% of voters who can make a difference. What do we know about this group?

Get involved by speaking to your friends and family and interact on social media to spread the message – and get your friends and family to do the same

Share our social media posts, images and videos on your own timeline

Don’t just post images – always add some words to explain what the post is about and encourage an action (e.g. “in Lewes vote for Oli Henman, LibDems”).

Spread the #MakeItStop message in community groups (e.g. neighbourhood groups, social groups, common interest groups, sports groups, parent and toddler groups, etc). Personalise your posts rather than just re-posting ours – say what you care about, what you’ve had enough of, why you want to make it stop. Make it relevant to the people you are posting to!

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Twitter:  @MakeItStop_UK

Materials for you to use

Here are some images and videos you might want to use. Don’t use too many of these, or too often – the most important thing is to personalise your posts, and make sure they are appropriate to the people you are sharing them with. We’ll share more images and ideas in the coming weeks.

To download, PC users right-click the image and ‘save as’. Mac Users, Ctrl-click the image as ‘save as’. Phone users, tap and hold on the image, you should get a dialog box pop up that asks you to save to photos.


Do share any feedback, tips or tricks that worked for you.

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