Campaign Toolkit

This toolkit provides local groups and individual campaigners with the information and materials needed to run an effective Make It Stop local campaign activity.

The Basics:

The target audience, overall approach and key objective

Make It Stop is targetted very specifically at people who are bored by/fed up with/frustrated by/completely disengaged from Brexit. In other words, the people who normally walk straight past our street stalls!

So, Make It Stop isn’t an anti-Brexit campaign in the normal sense. Rather, it’s a campaign which is anti all of the chaos, the lies, the divisions, the arguments, the job losses, and the dragging on and on for years and years.

Now, you’ll notice that all of the words above describe our target audience in terms of their emotional response to Brexit. And, for this reason, Make It Stop is an emotional campaign. All our materials, everything we do and everything we say needs to align with and tap into our target audience’s emotional responses.

Of course, our ultimate goal is to Stop Brexit. In order to achieve this goal, we need to do everything we can to ensure that Boris Johnson and the Tories do not win the election. To this end, the key objective of Make It Stop is to encourage our target audience that, in order to Make It Stop so that we can all “go back to normal”, they need to take the very simple action of voting for the candidate who is most likely to beat the Tory in their seat.

In other words, Make It Stop is an anti-Brexit/anti-Tory tactical voting campaign for a very specific target audience.

Why Make It Stop?

Quite simply, we are sick and tired of Brexit, and don’t want to debate options after options, and versions after versions of Brexit, for years and years, to come.  We believe the  ‘Get Brexit Done’ message is a delusion. Brexit will not get done. It will last many years through the transition period and trade negotiations. We could still be in this position ten years from now.

It’s the only way that we can get life back to normal, and start discussing the important things that are really affecting our country. Like the state of our health and education service. Our jobs and livelihoods. 

More thoughts on who are we trying to reach

Our target audience is likely to be made up of moderate soft Leavers and soft Remainers who are fed up with Brexit because 

  • It’s affecting their family, their friendships and their community
  • It’s taking too long and looks like it may never end

and they

  • Cant be bothered to vote;  or don’t think their vote counts
  • Don’t know who to vote for to Make It Stop

Why have we chosen this particular campaign?

We are keen to show that 

  • This is not about party politics – this is about stopping something which is damaging the UK 
  • Is not about EU flag waving – it’s about doing what’s best for our country  

Campaign methodology

We want to reach as many people as possible in a very short time. We hope to leverage the awesome power of the huge existing network of pro-EU grassroots organisations. The central campaign team will provide all the materials and tools such that local grassroots groups can run street stalls, leafletting campaigns and use paid and organic social media to spread the word locally.

What we want people to do?

  • Make sure they’re registered to vote
  • Vote for the candidate most likely to beat the Tory in their seat
  • Get involved by speaking to their friends and family and interact on social media to spread the message
  • Get their friends and family to do the same

See also

Call to arms – a rabble-rousing page to stir the loins of our groups and troops to help push the message far and wide

Street Stalls 101 – a page dedicated to street stalls: best practice, downloads, pictures, etc.

Our Logo

Make It Stop’s logo is a representation of a traffic stop sign and also a full stop. The simplicity of the logo is important because it expresses the simplicity of the campaign message.

There are 2 versions of the logo. One that includes the word Brexit (see above/left) and a version that excludes it. Typically the non-Brexit version would be used as the first interaction with a passer by and/or where the word Brexit might in the first instance be a turn off (see street stalls)

Download: The Zip contains png files in various sizes for web use, a 500px .png to use as a social media profile image, and a variety of Adobe Illustrator .ai files that can be given to printers for professional use.


A 500 pixel version for Facebook / Twitter profile picture can be downloaded (right-click and save-as) here


Leaflet artwork can be downloaded below and given to a printer local to you for professional printing. The leaflet is A5 and would typically be printed on 100gsm paper.

It is important to include an imprint that states the printer name and address, and the promoter name and address. This is a legal requirement in UK political campaigning.

The artwork files include a high resolution pdf, and the various files a printer will need to amend the leaflet and add your imprint. If you require different images for your specific demographic requirements do let us know and we source them for you.


Social Media

This section should be read alongside our Call to Arms page.

We have created a suite of assets that you can use to create and share posts via your organisation’s Facebook page. You can also use these as a basis for paid social media advertising via Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. 

Facebook – offers ability to pay for boosting posts you already have, or create new more targeted promotions. 

To boost in Facebook, you need to be an administrator of your page. Go to the ‘Promote’ link and select the Boost option. You then have the task of selecting who you want to target. Although you can’t define exactly who you want to see your post, you can target general demographics, such as gender, young people, or people of ‘working age’. You can also target a radius around key towns in your area.

Time is of the essence, and we would suggest ramping up social media activity from 21 November, with a big push in the last week in the run up to the election on the 12 December.

A few best practice tips:

  • Don’t just post images. Add some words to explain what the post is about and encourage an action (eg. register today, it only takes 3 minutes!
  • In the text, ask people to share it on their own timelines, from their own persoanl accounts and into community groups (eg. neighbourhood groups, social groups, common interest groups, sports groups, parent and toddler groups, etc). You’d be surprised how many people follow instructions!
  • Try to consider who you are targeting – the more targeted, the more successful the ad will be. Paid advertising will help us reach new people we don’t normally speak to, rather than circulate information amongst people who already know
  • You may need to register to run paid advertising via Facebook so get started asap!

Example Facebook post text

Bored of Brexit?

Three and a half years later and, when the subject of Brexit comes up, the most frequent thing I hear from friends and family is “I’m fed up with Brexit. Can someone, please, just MAKE IT STOP!”

If you feel the same, you’re not alone – probably more than half the population feel exactly the same!

Here’s what you can do in the next few weeks to Make It Stop:

*Register to Vote*
Make sure your family and friends are registered to vote. You can register online, it only takes 5 minutes:

*Vote to Make It Stop*
If the Tories win the election, they’ll carry on with the current chaos and divisions. So, to Make It Stop, all you need to do, on 12 December, when you go to vote, is vote for the candidate in your seat who is most likely to beat the Tory. Visit and enter your postcode to find out who has the best chance in your seat.

*Tell your friends and family*
It’s amazing how much you can influence your friends and family just by liking and sharing posts on social media. Simply like and share this page on your Facebook. If you’d like to find out more, visit

Together we can #MakeItStop 

Social media post images

Download the images below by right-clicking and saving to your computer / phone.

Facebook – rallying supporters

Facebook – posts to be shared widely by followers / supporters


Social Media Video

Mixed gender video aimed at young people. Right-click and save-as to download, then upload to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Embed link:


Generic Register to Vote Video – 3



Generic Register to Vote Video – 2



Generic Register to Vote Video – 1



Register to Vote Video

– Embargoed until Monday 25 November



Register to Vote Video

Embargoed until Tuesday 25 November




We are continuing to create further resources to help you, check back regularly for more. If you have any feedback you’d like to share, please use the form below

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